Hair Transplant

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is basically a redistribution of hairs in one individual. Hair is taken from hair bearing area(usually from scalp) that is not affected by miniaturization process of androgenic alopecia.

Why Hair transplantation

Baldness is more psychological problem than physical.

What is social impact of hair loss

  1. Bald person is perceived by others as.
  2. Less physically attractive – by both sexes.
  3. Less assertive.
  4. Less successful.
  5. Less personably likable.
  6. Older.
  7. By about 5 years.

History of Hair transplant Surgery

  1. Although the first hair restoration procedure of intact hair follicle were described by Japanese Physician Okuda&Tamura in 1943, the method was overlooked.
  2. 1950- Norman Orentreinch- Famous NewYork Dermatologist- Theory of Donor Dominance- Father of modern hair transplant surgery.
  3. He used large 4 mm round grafts (Containing 16 to 20 hairs) (Punch grafting).
  4. In 1984, Headington discovered that hairs on the scalp don't grow singly, but in grouping that have come to known as follicular unit.
  5. 1994 by Dr.Boby Limmer- Uses of follicular unit concept.
  6. He reported technique of stripe donor harvest ,microscopic dissection of individual units of 1-4 hairs, and implantation of theses grafts into needle tunnel recipient site.
  7. Dr Rassman and Bernstein in 2002 for the first time described and demonstrated –FUE Follicular unit extraction technique.

Why Hair transplant works

Even in the in the most severe cases, hair loss does not occurs in horseshoe- shaped ring of hair on the occipital and lateral fringe areas of scalp because these hairs are not sensitive to the defect of DHT. This is knowns as Donor dominance theory by Dr. Norman Orientreich