Because of the many differences in the structure and shape of the human skull, it is difficult to replace a jaw joint successfully with anything other than a highly customized prosthesis (artificial joint). By contrast, prostheses for knees and hips are fairly similar and vary little, except for the size of the patient. We have performed Indias first TMJ replacement with artificial joint designed and made by me which is cost-effective and a perfect fit for the patient.


Extensive defects that involve the vertical dimension of the maxilla, such as the orbital rim or zygoma, are poorly managed by prosthetic restoration. Failure to address the vertical dimension of the defect inevitably results in displacement of the globe, ectropion, and a significant midface contour defect. Our innovative method of reconstruction of the palatomaxillary complex with free fibular flap and iliac crest graft is new concept; It proved that midface reconstruction offer patients improved function, cosmesis and qualality of life.


Oral submucosal fibrosis is characterized by gradually increasing fibrosis of the submucosal oral cavity and pharynx, mainly the soft palate and cheek resulting in trismus.There is no definite treatment for this condition. Many medical and surgical modalities have been tried. We are presenting unique technique of treating SMF with Bilateral temporoparietal flap without any facial scars.