Post cancer surgery reconstruction

Cancers of head and neck region accounts for majority of all cancers in our country. Tobbaco chewing and alcohol are the major risk factors associated with these cancers. Resection of such cancerous lesions results in facial deformities which are not only cosmetically disfiguring but also functionally debilitating. Conventional reconstructive techniques lead to suboptimal results and significant donor site morbidity.However the advent of microsurgical reconstructive techniques has helped to adress the pitfalls associated with conventional reconstructive techniques.The development of microsurgical reconstruction and multidisciplinary team approach in treating malignancies has resulted in significant improvements in the quality of life of these patients following such surgical procedures . Tissues are harvested along with the associated blood vessels in such a way so as to result in minimal donor site morbidity.

Advantages of Microsurgical Reconstruction Include

  • Early rehabilitation
  • Better cosmetic appearance
  • Earlier radiotherapy
  • Better application of prosthesis(dentures)
  • Less donor site problems.